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Name Rhythm Info User Date
bohnsdorf noten 2 Ralph Knappmeyer 2017-01-21
Ritme1 Nobody 2016-12-08
La Candela Viva Traditioneller Fest-Rhythmus von der kolumbianischen Atlantikküste. Während des Festes werden brennende Stoffbündel durch die Straßen gerollt. Nach:Toto La Momposina, CD "Tambolero" Heiner Moeller 2016-11-07
Cumbia 02 Heiner Moeller 2016-11-03
noten bohns dorf Ralph Knappmeyer 2016-10-20
HotFeet jens 2016-10-19
SambaReggae Cucs de Velluters (1) Jesús Ruiz Gámez 2016-07-09
Sawali Just a nice piece of music, I think. Rick Hendriks 2016-04-17
Yankadi becoming Macru just by speeding up Yankadi up tempo is just becoming macrou Emmanuel Davy 2015-03-13
cw_tumba_rumba_clave_79bpm Æwiczenie na tumbê, przygotowuj¹ce do rumba guaguanco z clave rumba 3-2 Nobody 2015-02-14
Guaguanco unknown 2015-02-14
SambaReggae Cucs de Velluters Jesús Ruiz Gámez 2015-02-07
a seher short and slow Herbert Seeholzer 2014-11-13
Retumbão Alexandre Oliveira 2014-07-03
Baião Alexandre Oliveira 2014-07-03

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