FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
What will i get, if i register? You´ll receive your registration code immediately via e-mail. Enter the code and the registered name direct into the program (Menu Help/Registration). After accepting the code, the save menu items will be enabled.
My Registration code was not accepted? The code is only valid for version 2.4f and above! Download the current version from this site. The code and name fields are case sensitive!
How can i set triplets? Hold down the "Shift"-Key while setting the notes. This will switch to an odd raster, making it possible to set 1/4 and 1/8 triplets.
I downloaded some rhythms but some instruments are turned off, there is an X accross the "audible" icon Just download the instruments form the Instruments page too. Move the downloaded instruments in the "PerucussionStudio Instruments" subfolder of your Common Documents.
All the items in the menu "Measure" are greyed. I can´t select one.

Most of the items in the menu "Measure" are only active, if one or more measures are selected. To select measures click in the measures title.

Is there a way to transfer sections of a file to another file? Select the part you want to copy. Open another rhythm without closing PercussionStudio and paste it where you want.
What´s about the different colored notes   The color defines the type of the measure:
black normal measure.
grey cloned measure, which will be filled with the previous normal measure (or tied measures)
red solo/variation measure like nomal measure, but dose not affect following cloned measures.
I can't get the bpm on 120 or 116. It hangs on 119 or 115. How can I solve that?
Select the BPM slider, and adjust the slider with the arrow keys to the value you like.
PercussionStudioVSTi can´t find any instruments

Install and START PercussionStudio version 3.04 or above.